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Apostle (Dr) Esther Badejoko was a renowned Prophetess, General Evangelist, astute teacher of the Word who was born to this world Eighty-eight (88) years ago through the family of Late Pa AJAYI FALODUN AGBEREOKODELE and Princess ADEKUNMOLA FALODUN, NEE ODUNDUN OF AKURE of blessed memories in a place called Odojoka at Akure, Ondo State of Nigeria.
Mama Bade as fondly called, just like Gideon in the Bible, was a special and rare woman who was raised as a normal child by her parents who happened to be “MASQUERADE (EGUNGUN) WORSHIPPERS”.
Though intelligent and sound in her reasoning, Mama was not priviledge to pass through any Western education in her time. “Jer. 1:5”. Her sojourn on earth was predestined and not by accident, it was full of mysteries and loaded with revelations.
As narrated by her, she received a divine visitation from God at a tender age of ten (10) when seven (7) Angels on white shining raiments descended in an opened vision and entered into their family house at Odojoka in Akure. As a transparent young chap, filled with love, cheerfulness and generous in information dissemination, she narrated what she saw to the family members. This however culminated into the beginning of her challenges as family members and neighbours who heard this misinterpreted it for a taboo or rather evil signs because of a mysterious death of a child in the family that had preceded the vision, which unknown to them was the beginning of a new chapter of GLORY for the family, people of Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria and the whole world in general. Just like Jesus Christ on His sojourn on earth, Mama Bade was not moved by any accusation and words of ridicule from the elders, neighbourhood, community and even the traditional rulers who had cause to intervene but she was privileged to receive the passion of her parents who knew her to be a unique child.
She was blessed with support from ‘ASAMO’ of Akure land, who pacified all to be on the lookout and be wise in their observations on Mama Esther Badejoko on her revelations.
Based on this vision, she was nicknamed “BADE ALASOFUNFUN”. As destiny will have it, she was released to her uncle Chief Obaloja to stay with him, it was there she learnt the art of “Farming as a trade”.
Apostle Badejoko’s vision started to manifest, when she started attending Christ Apostolic Church in a street called ‘EGBEEDI’ in Akure which later transformed to present C.A.C. Oke-Igan, behind Old Akure Sports Complex.
Without mincing words, this Apostle of our time had no formal education in any Bible Teaching Institute, School or ever being taught by any Minister of God in the ministerial ethics.
According to her words, she was taught by the Holy Spirit via her dreams for good thirteen (13) years on how to read and write both Bible and Gospel Hymn Books only in Yoruba language but unable to apply the same skill to any other conventional studies. Further to her excellence performance in her heavenly schools, she was celebrated and honoured with a certificate during her “heavenly graduation” in 1954 from there to her spiritual baptism as revealed by herself.
As a responsible, matured, beautiful young lady, she got bethrothed in 1957 and had to wait on God for the fruit of the womb for thirteen (13) years after she lost her first child. This consequently led to a lot of experiences that was though tough but helpful in the course of her missionary assignments.
The forthright Apostle of our time was so passionate about her relationship with God, focussed in ministry, unbendable, unmovable, highly principled, steadfast, moral, spiritual and mentally, emotionally and physically sound and stable.
Consequent to the spiritual gift of prophecy that Mama received through her relationship with God, Mama Bade was nicknamed “KEKERE EMI” meaning “EYE OF THE LORD”. Whatever Mama tells you in vision and prophesy will come to past. (1 Sam. 3:19-20). It is believed and noticeable in her lifetime that regardless to how great/mighty your problem may be, when Mama smiles at it, heaven must proffer solution(s).
Suffice to say that “MAMA BADE” was a resolute, faithful, diligent, honest, and God-fearing student of Holy Scriptures. She believed so much and walked with God basically in His Word, that is why she cannot pray, counsel or prophesy to you outside the Word of God.
Mama was so zealous about God that she constantly fellowship with God (through His Word) and Holy Spirit (through prayers and fasting), no wonder she was referred to as “BADE GB’AWE, GBA’DURA”. According to Psalm 42:7, her unalloyed thirst for God and His work gave her encounter with notable and reputable servants of God like Prophet Apere Igbagbo, Prophet Medayese, Baba ni Saki (as fondly called), Prophet Nathaniel at Oba-Ile and APOSTLE AYODELE BABALOLA of blessed memories from whom Mama received laying of hands and spiritual blessing at C.A.C. Oke-Isegun, Akure at a revival prayer meeting. Mama had her water baptism by immersion in 1959.
Mama’s passion for God and the restoration of Lost Souls made her to engage herself in a number of missionary assignments through the length and breadth of Nigeria and she had faithfully disseminated her spiritual conviction in Christ Jesus as the only Saviour of Man.
No wonder, she is so passionate about Juvenile Ministry and she sees them as lives full of potentials for Church growth and greatness.

ESTABLISHMENT OF SCMA (DEUT. 28:1-13, JER. 30:19-22)
The name Salvation of Christ Mission Assembly (SCMA) was coined by God hitherto, the establishment of the church by Mama with the support of her loving husband Late Rev. J.A. Olaniyan, a prominent son of Oke-Igbo in Ile Oluji, Oke-Igbo Local Government Area in Ondo State who happened to be the pioneer Pastor of the ministry. The church was founded precisely 16th November, 1971 after a divine visitation and directive from God. The church started in a room apartment at Ayetoro Street with little children from neighbourhood being the first set of worshippers before relocating to the present church headquarters at Ore-Ofe Street, Oke-Ijebu, Akure.
Apostle Esther Badejoko’s vision was to propagate the good news of Jesus Christ, to recover the lost and to restore the wandering “House of Israel” through the gospel of salvation. This had always been the theme of Mama’s sermon on the glory of God and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with emphasis of HOLINESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS.
Apart from the Church Headquarters (Oke-Anu), Mama had through the leading and help of God plant some parishes such as: Jesulayomi, Oluwarotimi, Oluwapelumi, Oluwagbogo (All in Akure), Orisun Ayo at Akure North L.G.A, also House of Deliverance, (Baltimore, U.S.A) and the Church’s Oluwagbamilowoiya Int’l Prayer Ground, Km. 4, Ado/Owo Express Road, Akure.
Borne out of her understanding of prayer as the only medium of communicating to one’s Creator, God has used Mama to establish some notable scriptural based Annual, Monthly and Weekly Prayer programmes some of which are: Oluwagbatemiro Int’l Prayer Conference, Oluwagbamilowoiya Monthly Prayer Vigil and More Than Conqueror Prayer Meeting, etc. which are having the prints of sign and wonders.
Something about Mama’s Mountain Top Experience:- Sequel to Mama’s desire for constant fellowship with God in prayers at a secluded place as a pivot which drives the wheel of Ministry. Mama daily climbed a higher mountain (Mount Orungajuaye) at Ado/Owo Express road in Akure for good Ten (10) years (1968-1978) simply to pray down the WILL of and KINGDOM of God upon Akure land and Nigeria at large. Thereby making our Mama a ‘Threat and Terror’ to the kingdom of darkness and therefore making that Mountain a Covenant land where people from all works of life gather together to pray once in a year (usually in June).
After a consistent prayer walk with God on the Mountain called Oluwagbamilowoiya, God with a florescent-like light from heaven sanctified the land boarder of that Mountain thereby also making that Mountain a Holy Ground for prayers and this has given birth to many notable signs and wonders which time and space will not permit us to mention.
The invitation of this woman of God to the Interdenominational Ministers Conference by Paradise Theological Seminary Ibadan in 1995 has won her and the church more prestige among other ministers in attendance. She was awarded a honourary Doctorate Degree and consequently proclaimed the best participant of that year.

Mama Apostle got married to Rev. Joseph Olaniyan from Oke-Igbo in Oke-Igbo, Ile Oluji Local Government Area of Ondo State of blessed memories who was supportive in Mama’s Salvation and liberation mandate. The marriage was blessed with wonderful and godly children: Aanuoluwapo, Oluwafoyekemi and Oluwagbade. Because of her level of unparallel humility and perseverance, she until her death enjoyed cordial relationship with people within and outside her nuclear and extended family. Mama was endowed with a divine wisdom of care, compassion, patience and tolerance.
Apostle Esther Badejoko, a woman of God per excellence, a prayer warrior who was very passionate about her place of birth (Akure) survival that she persistently until her last breath prayed for the land and the state.
Knowingfully well that prayers (kingdom) is a veritable tool for the growth survival and the sustenance of any land, Mama had nothing less than one hundred and fifty (150) intercessory groups who were constantly at different routine of prayer walk, market square prayer, revival prayer, open air crusade, etc. praying for the development of Akure, Ondo State and Nigeria at large – suffice to say here that, this land has really lost a “rare Gem”
SOCIETAL IMPACT (Acts 10:38, 2:45)
Mama, Apostle Esther Badejoko Oluwagbamilowoiya was in her lifetime not just a prayer warrior, administrator, human/capital resources manager but also a philantropist to the core. During her lifetime, she does not just only minister in spirit but also ministers’ to the material needs of the people. Ore-Ofe Street where the church headquarters is located will not forget Mama’s social/community responsibility of personally and annually grading the public road.
So also will the nursing mothers who put to bed at the church maternity centered at Mama’s expense will not forget her impact of continuously providing for their welfare including feeding even long after their delivery. Her special care for the widows, aged and infants is unbeatable.
Indeed, Akure, Ondo State and Nigeria will in particular miss MAMA, APOSTLE ESTHER BADEJOKO OLUWAGBAMILOWOIYA.
Having been fully aware of her imminent departure from this earth to meet with her master, Mama publicly declared it at the Church National Conference held on 11th May, 2016 that her time is up for the home calling. This however by the special wisdom of God led to some re-organisations in the Church. Some of which are:
Þ Appointment of General Overseer:- After diligent and committed service as the Assistant General Superintendent (AGS) since 2004. Apostle Esther Badejoko at the Church National Conference held on 12th May, 2018, appointed Pastor Olaniyan Peter Oluwagbade who is also a biological son of Mama as the General Overseer of the Church and was inaugurated on the 16th June, 2018. Also appointed for the new offiices were Deputy General Overseer, Assistance General Overseers, Regional Overseer, General Evangelist and their Assistants, Sunday School Superintendents and the Deputy and the new set of Pastors were promoted whose inauguration and ordination was Mama’s last official assignment which was held Sunday, 31st March, 2019.
Þ Autonomy to some Parish:- In order to ensure expansion of the gospel of Jesus, Mama gave two (2) out of the then nine (9) parishes of the Church divine blessing and autonomy to stand as a body to expand and propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and they are all doing great to the glory of God.
Þ Capital Projects:- In order to really put the Church physical structures in the right places to be interdem with global best practices, the church secretarial offices was constructed, completed and commissioned by Mama; the foundation of the Church multipurpose headquarters Cathedral was laid by Mama just to mention but few.
Apostle Esther Badejoko Oluwagbamilowoiya until Wednesday, 17th of April, 2019 that she departed to meet with her master never cease to daily engage the Apostolic doctrine of singing hymns, spiritual songs, intercessory prayers and communion with her Master. She indeed fought, conquered and fulfilled in her God-given mandate.
Mama was blessed with three (3) children and many grandchildren living both in home and abroad. They are fully committed to the service of God; they are: Pastor & Pastor (Mrs) Olorunsola SCMA Regional Overseer, Salvation of Christ Mission Assembly (House of Deliverance) USA, Prophetess & Prince Aderinto Adebowale, USA and Pastor & Pastor (Mrs) Olaniyan O. Peter who after a diligent service to God and His people was appointed as General Overseer of the Church.
Mama’s grandchildren include: Olorunsola Ayodoyin, Olorunsola Ayosunmomi, Olorunsola Taye and Kehinde, Olaniyan Oreoluwa, Olaniyan Gbohunmi, Aderinto Daniel, Olaniyan Demilade, Aderinto James, Aderinto Joseph, Aderinto Samuel and Ayodeji Michael

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