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Amotekun-Herdsmen Crisis:  A Sign of Leadership Deficit – SDP Governorship Candidate, OBA

The recent violent clash between Amotekun operatives and herdsmen in the Igoba area of Akure has laid bare the alarming leadership deficit in Ondo State’s current administration. As the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Gubernatorial candidate, Otunba Bamidele Akingboye (OBA) strongly condemns the government’s deafening silence on this critical issue.

The incident, which resulted in injuries to Amotekun personnel and the seizure of 120 cows, is not merely a localized skirmish but a reflection of deeper governance issues plaguing our state. The attack on law enforcement officers carrying out their lawful duties is an affront to the rule of law and the security architecture painstakingly built by our sacrificial leaders.

This crisis underscores three critical failures of the current government:

1. Security Breakdown: Despite substantial security votes allocated to the governor, there’s a clear deterioration in the state’s security apparatus. The audacity of the attack on Amotekun officers signals a dangerous erosion of state authority.

2. Agricultural Sector Neglect: The destruction of tomato farms worth millions of naira highlights the government’s failure to protect the agricultural sector, a key economic driver for Ondo State.

3. Governance Paralysis: The administration’s silence and inaction in the face of this crisis suggest a disturbing detachment from the realities on the ground. This is a far cry from the proactive leadership Ondo State has known in the past.

It’s worth noting that under the leadership of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN, such security breaches were met with swift, decisive action. The current leadership vacuum is not only emboldening criminal elements but also eroding public confidence in government institutions.

OBA challenges Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa to break his silence, take immediate action to resolve this crisis, and demonstrate his capacity to govern effectively. The people of Ondo State deserve leadership that is responsive, responsible, and fully committed to their security and well-being.

As we approach the 2024 elections, it’s clear that Ondo State needs a reset – a return to purposeful, proactive governance that prioritizes the safety and prosperity of all citizens. OBA and the SDP stand ready to provide this leadership, with concrete plans to revitalize our security architecture, boost agricultural productivity, and restore Ondo State to its rightful place as a beacon of good governance in Nigeria.


Oyeniyi Iwakun

Strategic Communications and Media Adviser to the Ondo 2024 SDP Governorship Candidate

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