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COVID- 19: “These Times Call For Altruism, Inclusive Governance, Support, Participation Of All”-Kekemeke


One of the governorship aspirants under the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ondo State, Hon Isaacs Kekemeke has restated the need for government programmes and activities to be more embracing of all the diverse political, social, cultural and economic sectors of the society. Such programmes must not only be transparent but must be seen and perceived by the citizens as such.

Bar. Kekemeke made the call yesterday in Akure while speaking on ways government can impact the lives of the citizens as it is being done in other climes stressing that government needs to mobilize support across board irrespective of affiliations.

According to him, ending COVID-19 means the people must comply with the advisories issued by the government and also explore the power in prayers.

Bar. Kekemeke also noted that there is no need to despair as people who contracted the virus have been recovering after isolation and that these times will pass soonest.

“On my part I also join in the advocacy , that the people should stay at home and observe limited physical contact. The challenge I am having however is that when we ask people to stay at him, how do eat, when a greater number of the people survive on daily income.
Government must not forget it’s primary responsibility to the people and must provide palliatives to cutail the debilitating effect of hunger during the lock down”, he stressed.

On his governorship aspiration, he enjoined the people to choose wisely and vote for a candidate that they can have access to; someone who lives among them and can feel their pain.

“ The theme of our campaign is the people first. We shall create a prosperous and peaceful state where citizens can find work to do and thereby live meaninful and decent lives. We want to use government’s full powers to fight hunger, fight insecurity , fight joblessness and provide peace.

What I know is that I am known and I have been living here uninterrupted for three decades. As for our ability to translate our programmes to action, our core values of competence, commitment and character will come in our aid.I am capable of doing what I say”, he further stressed


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