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“Easter Is The Real Essence Of Christianity” – Primate Ademisokun Turton


The President of the Unification of C&S Churches in Ondo State and the founder, Success Gate Christ’s Church International, High Grace Primate Dr. Ade Ademisokun Turton, a.k.a “Onibode”, has expressed heart felt wishes to Christians as they celebrate Easter.

In his Easter message to Christians, Primate Turton urged them to continue to live by the examples of Christ as Easter celebration is the real essence of Christianity.

According to him, If Jesus Christ had not risen from the dead, the Christian faith would have been in vain.

“It will be difficult for anyone to say I am a Christian if Christ had just died like that. The celebration of Easter carries the message of hope and by that we know that there is life and that we too will resurrect”, he added.

While also enjoining Christians not to lose their faith in the face of oppression, Primate Turton said Jesus Christ had laid the foundation of humility with his death on the cross and as such Christians must humble themselves and stay focussed on God.


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