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Erelu Modupe Akindele Martins Condemns Barbaric Killing of Deborah Samuel


The founder Oduduwa Women Advocacy Erelu Modupe Akindele Martins condemned as barbaric the killing of Deborah Samuel a 200level Home Economics Student of Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto, Northwest Nigeria.

The recent killing and subsequent burning of Late miss Deborah Samuel has once again brought up the question of Unity, Co-existence and Harmony in an entity that is multi-ethic and religiously diversified.

This is not the first time such a dastardly act will be carried out by people believed to be using religion to course tension and fear most probably hatred among the citizens of Nigeria.

In 1914, When Lord Lugard merged the Northern and Southern protectorate to become one Nigeria, He knew that the two provinces were different totally in terms of ethnicity and religion, which means the two protectorates were not compactible. But he went ahead and joined the provinces into one. Since then, there had been mistrusts’, suspicious and fear of domination among the leaders of the Northern and Southern Nigeria relating to leadership struggle between both sides.

Before the mob attack on Deborah, several provoked attacks against innocent persons in the name of religion had been the order of the day. Surprisingly, our government never dim an eye to bring the menace into order. The political elite who are supposed to speak out and condemn the act never bothered about the fate of the innocent lady, probably because it’s one of the many mindless, unwarranted killing which they knew is happening but looked the other way.

I am surprised that the attitude of most of our presidential aspirants whose deafening silence on this matter portends a bad omen, especially when the general elections is around the corner. The National Assembly which represents the citizen did not bother to proffer solution to the menace either.

The deafening silence of our leaders across board could be dangerous to the fragile unity of this Nation, if such act and other provocative attacks are not nipped in the bud.

The people are fast outgrowing their trust in one Nigeria as being seeing across the country through agitation for self-determination by various ethnic groups in Nigeria.

However, we the Nigerian Women are totally against this condemnable barbaric heinous act .It is on this note,if throughly we are one Nigeria we hereby call on the inspector general of police to carry out investigation and ensure that those found culpable in the act are brought to justice.

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