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“Face Mask Must Pass The Candle Test” – Dr. Fagbemi

The need for the people to understand the importance of using face mask as a way to stem community spread of COVID-19 has again been brought to the fore.

Speaking on the topic: COVID 19, Facts and Emerging Issues on Shifauk Medical Forum, Ondo State Epidemiologist, Dr. Stephen Fagbemi expressed worry that a number of people are yet to come to terms on the importance of use of face mask

Drawing from WHO’s findings, Dr. Fagbemi said the use of cloth mask is better than not wearing anything at all, stressing that once a mask passes the candle test, it stands the chance to protect such an individual.

“Make sure your face mask has at least double layer, then you can perform the candle test by wearing the mask and trying to blow out a candle. If you succeed, your face mask is not protecting you”, he added.

Also speaking on emerging issues about COVID-19, Dr. R.O. Saliu, a member, COVID 19 Medical (IPC) Team and M.D. Shifauk Hospital, Akure restated the need to look inward towards developing a home grown remedy for the disease.

Dr. R. O Saliu member, COVID 19 Medical (IPC) Team and M.D. Shifauk Hospital, Akure,

In whatever we do as healthcare providers, our interest will be to defend all positions that are in the overall interest of Nigerians. However, l’m personally against importing herbs that are grown in Nigeria.
For example, If the government wants dogoyaro leave, let us use the ones which we have in excess. Our farmers and market women will supply leaves in abundance. Let our pharmacists compound the herbs and let the money owned by Nigeria be spent by Nigerians. Why are we going to Madagascar to buy ewe kasia and kakandoro? It is like mporting garri from South Africa. It is wrong”, he further stressed.

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  1. A doctor like you should know better of the health consequences of wearing a face mask for long hours. How can I be more healthy when I continually breath in the carbon dioxide that I exhale? Isn’t that self poisoning? That’s what elementary science taught us. If you say ‘not so’ then you are saying we went to school for nothing.

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