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By Gbenga Ikugbayigbe

Senator Jimoh Ibrahim is an outstanding gubernatorial aspirant with the highest prospect of greatest comparative economic advantage over other aspirants.

To enumerate few out of what his unlimited political exposure, economic influence and international connections will facilitate to Ondo State.

-He is a giant industrialist who has convincingly demonstrated high managerial capacity and proficiency in the successful administration and control of chains of investments for decades with evidences of huge capital base.

-Senator Jimoh Ibrahim with his high ranking position in the class of opulence has unlimited influence it requires to attract more foreign investments to Ondo State.

-He is a vast economic tactician, prudent resources manager and great entrepreneur who will accurately deploy his wealth of knowledge, skill and strategy to create greater wealth and massive economic prosperity; without relying on month federal allocation to the state.

-As a sitting Senator and the Chairman House Committee at the Federal Parliament on Interparliamentary affairs, he will explore opportunities around the globe and consolidate on existing bilateral agreement of Nigeria with other nations around the globe and take good advantage of the diplomatic relationship in the Continent of Africa and by extension across the globe to project Ondo State to the world.

-Ondo State with numerous mineral and natural resources will experience maximum utilization of our large quantum of Crude oil, natural Gas, second world largest deposit of bitumen, Red Oil, Celica, ethanol, Cassava, Cocoa, Cola nut, countless resources from our Atlantic Ocean and to mention few will bring about tremendous expansion of our economic base; as Ondo State will take a leading role among States of the federation; in promoting Nigeria into the league of Super Giant Economic Nations around the globe, through Senator Jimoh Ibrahim.

-According to one of the ancient foremost Greek philosophers, Aristotle, who said sometimes that, “education is an ornament, it is a refuge and prosperity in adversity”. The huge investment of Senator Jimoh Ibrahim in education which other aspirants lack the vision to create will serve a good backup to knowledge development in raising more resourceful and productive intellectuals that would equally play complementary roles in economic development, through new generational knowledge-driven approach that will facilitate modern development to Ondo State.

-Is a vote for greater economic prosperity.
-Proper utilization of our natural resources to attract greater economic growth.
-Digital economy and paradigm shift.
-Forming of strong synergy with the Tinubu’s administration to utilize the new economic agenda of the Federal Government on Blue Economy; which Ondo State has the largest portion among States in Nigeria; remarkably with the longest coastline of about 170km.

-Dynamic approach to educational development and unprecedented economic transformation in Ondo State.

Vote Dr Jimoh Ibrahim as the Governor of Ondo State, 2024.

Gbenga Ikugbayigbe (AKA) Intellectual Giant. 08051949610

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