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National Orientation Agency Trains Women Led NGOs On Women Involvement In Fight Against COVID-19

Members of Women Led NGOs in Ondo State have urged government and other relevant authorities to ensure that there are more testing laboratories in the fight against community spread of COVID-19

The call was made today during a stakeholders engagement training organized by the National Orientation Agency (NOA) for Non Governmental Organizations in Ondo State to seek involvement of women in the fight against the spread of corona virus.

According to the state chairman of the Ondo State chapter of Women-Led NGOs, Mrs. Folake Esan, NGOs should be given better recognition in the fight against community spread of COVID-19 as they work closely and directly in various communities.

Mrs. Esan who further observed that there is the need to give palliatives to NGOs for onward transmission to members of their groups and communities used the opportunity to restate the importance of sensitizing the public about how to handle, use and maintain nose masks among others.

Mr. Famose from NOA addressing members of Women Led NGOs during the programme

Earlier, the Director of NOA, Mr Bode Famose in his address said NOA is ready to partner the Association in order to reach out to more children and women in the communities as part of UNICEF response in monitoring and sensitizing the people about the virus.

Some of the highlights of his presentation include the need to educate the people to wash through their fingers and thumbs with soap for 20 seconds, use alcohol based sanitizers, ensure social distancing, avoid touching the eyes,nose and mouth with unwashed hands among others.

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  1. NOA should come out with a road map, and train more women, on how the women can make use of their facemask, use hand sanitizer and even wash your hands regularly too, so but I believe this is a stepping stone, is a good one anyway.

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