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ROTDOW Kits 300 Children With Face Mask, Creates Awareness On COVID-19


As part of efforts to stem community spread of COVID-19 in Ondo State, a Non Governmental Organization, Restoration of the Dignity of Womanhood (ROTDOW) today organized a sensitization programme for children in Adinlewa Community, in Akure South LG to create awareness about COVID-19.

At the programme which was segmented into 15 batches in order to maintain social distancing, the CEO, ROTDOW, Mrs. Olabisi Omolona said children are at risk of contracting the disease and as such steps must be taken to educate them on how to reduce their risk factor by washing their hands regularly with soap under running water and with the use of hand sanitizers among others.

Mrs. Omolona who said the gesture to distribute face mask to the children was borne out of the need to help provide the kits for children whose parents cannot afford to buy one however urged the children to ensure they make use of the kits in order to protect themselves.

Other key stakeholders who also gave talk to the children include the representative of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mr. Akinniranye and a member from the COVID-19 committee, Miss. Ajenike from the State Ministry of Health who enjoined the children to maintain high level of hygiene even as schools may be reopened soon.

Some of the children wearing their face mask

The talk also explored symptoms of Coronavirus Fever which dry coughing, sneezing, fever among others, and demonstration of hand washing and distribution of IEC materials.

The children were also encouraged to report anyone that comes into the community while also disabusing their minds about Myths on Covid that is not real, or that alcohol can cure it and that it is not just the rich that can come down with the disease.


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