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What Is Lekeleke? By Sola -Akinuli Jerry


People have always asked me one question. The question is: What is Lekeleke? Lekeleke is the mass movement of the People who have resolved irrevocably to pursue and achieve a relatively “New Ondo State” that is prosperous and peaceful; where the people find work to do and live decent lives. It is about people who have realized that to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others as President Nelson Mandela once said. It is a group of people fully persuaded that in order to actualize the Ondo State of our dreams, a new Politics is necessitated.
Lekeleke insists that there must be a paradigm shift from the moneybag politics to a new perspective politics of unalloyed loyalty and total commitment to the achievement of the set goals and objectives of the movement which are unambiguously targeted at the emancipation of our people from the jaws and claws of exploitation and misrule occasioned by lack of vision and mission.
Former South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun when asked how his country was able to achieve so much rapid development within a short period, answered “we did a few new things, we got them right and we keep doing them” obviously it takes a fool to keep doing the same thing, the same way all the time and yet expect a different result.
The Lekeleke movement is the congregation of people who are ingrained with the belief that all the resources (both human and natural) that are needed and required to create the much talked about “New Ondo State” is inherent and intrinsic here in Ondo state. A people who also believe that with a sound and capable leadership equipped with the 3Cs of Competence, Commitment, and Character, the full strength and instrumentality of government can be maximally impacted on our God given natural and material resources for wealth with the aid of information, science and technology.

Lekeleke is an Army of Soldiers, Lieutenants and Generals, ably led by the courageous, altruistic and highly cerebral Hon. D. I Kekemeke “Governor Leke’’, as we fondly call him, is a man whose political sagacity and organizational acumen is never in doubt. After cutting his political teeth at the youthful age of 29, as a member representing Ese-Odo in the Old Ondo State house of Assembly became the Minority Leader in that Assembly with blistering records of legislative innovations during the truncated transitional process of the General Babangida led Military junta of 1992/1993.
His unfeigned, uncontrived and genuine love for the people was brought to fore when as the Commissioner for Justice and attorney general in Ondo State, he designed and established the Department of public defender, an office where the indigent citizens of Ondo State can get lawyers to represent them in courts on matters of litigations at no cost. This ideal was guided by the fact that if justice cannot be achieved, the Judiciary will be reduced to a lame duck. His time as the Chief Infrastructure Officer (Commissioner for Works, Lands, Housing and Transport) witnessed massive road construction calculated at about a thousand kilometers across all the eighteen local governments of the state. Akure people will relish the good memory of his ingenuity in resolving the lingering land compensation brouhaha between the government and the locals. Hon. D.I Kekemeke has unblemished and meritorious track records of verifiable results in all the three arms of government at the state level. Like John F. Kennedy, the 35th American President said “Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind”. The Lekeleke Movement is saying that, we must put an end to hunger, poverty, joblessness and insecurity.
Hon. Isaacs Kekemeke “Governor Leke” who appears to have received strength and courage via an irresistible prophetic push is focused and undauntedly committed to leading the onslaught against poverty, hunger and joblessness in Ondo State. The vision is lucid, the mission is glaringly achievable, and the Army is gallantly able and ready to keep a date with the goal of restoration and installation.
The Theme is THE PEOPLE FIRST, The Slogan remains LEKELEKE! In God We Trust!
The Cry is Ondo State, Gbera!
By: Sola-Akinuli Jerry (A Multimedia practitioner who got recently Lekelised)


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