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World Leprosy Day:”Stigmatization Should Be For Those Who Don’t Know Their Health Status” – Dr. Aina


As Ondo State joined its counterparts worldwide to mark this year’s celebration of World Leprosy Day, the need for people to stop stigmatizing victims of leprosy has again been bought to the fore.

In a chat with topshotnews, the Ondo State, TB &, Leprosy Control Program Manager under the State Ministry of Health, Dr. Oluwafemi Abidemi Aina said the day has been set aside to create awareness about the disease and also celebrate those affected as they need love to live above board.

Dr. Aina who said that though leprosy is a communicable disease, yet it is not something that can be transmitted by shaking hands with those affected and have already kickstarted the process of treatment.

While noting that stigmatization of leprosy victims is needless as they are better off as they already know their health status and are accessing treatment, Dr. Aina said those to be stigmatized are those who are walking about not knowing their health status.

“Once leprosy has been detected and treatment commences, it is no longer infectious. Those to be afraid of are those of us who are all over the place and who have not yet checked their system for any health problems or complaints; those are the ones to be stigmatized (if it all)”, he stressed just as he reiterated that the state has TB & Leprosy Control Supervisors across the 18 LGs to create awareness and address cases across the state.


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